To achieve successful accreditation for

ISO 14001

, there were many processes implemented and standards that had to be achieved.


  • To ensure that Nationwide complies with the “Duty of Care” imposed on the management of waste by the Environmental Protection Act.
  • To ensure that all Nationwide employees take reasonable steps to look after waste and prevent its illegal disposal by others to the extent governed by the clients contract with Nationwide.


  • Nationwide will ensure it takes all appropriate measures to avoid adverse environment effects, and will introduce and maintain relevant policies and practices.
  • Managers will train employees to understand and comply with all aspects of Nationwide policies.
  • Nationwide will use products that avoid or reduce adverse environmental impacts before use.
  • Nationwide will provide full information to its employees and customers on the proper use and disposal of the cleaning materials being used.
  • Nationwide will undertake its activities so as to make the most efficient use of energy, water and materials in order to minimise waste.


  • Controlled waste is defined as any waste product from trade or business premises, or by sport and recreation venues.
  • Nationwide will only transfer controlled waste to another authorised person or carrier.
  • Nationwide will obtain “transfer notes” from the person collecting controlled waste from a site. These transfer notes will be passed to the Health and Safety Officer, who will retain them for a minimum period of two years.
  • Transfer notes will be completed as considered appropriate between parties, but no one note can cover a period exceeding one-year.
  • The Health and Safety Officer will be responsible for ensuring all waste disposal sub – contractors provide details of their registration and either provide a “Controlled Waste Transfer Note” or sign a Nationwide Cleaning & Support Services Ltd transfer note.

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