Our quality management system is built around the processes and procedures set by our

ISO 9001 certification.

As you will see in our “Organisation structure”, it is important to have communication through all levels of management, from the Operations Director through to the site cleaners.


All contracts

big and small have on-site supervision. Depending on the size of the contract dictates whether a working supervisor or static supervisor is appropriate.


Allocated for smaller contracts – Half their role is cleaning and the other half supervising the other cleaner or cleaners.


Allocated for larger contracts with a high number of cleaners. Their time is dedicated to supervising the large team and delegating duties to ensure the service level is met.

  • To ensure the site supervisors carry out their duty, we allocate an Area manager to manage the contract by randomly visiting the site to check the complete team of cleaners.


Nationwide wanted good standards to remain consistent across the year, not just for the first few months but for every month you pay an invoice for.

  • To ensure the site supervisors carry out their duty, we allocate a Contracts manager to visit your contract on a weekly basis. On this visit they liaise with the cleaners and carry out a weekly audit of the standard. This audit can be sent to the client if requested and is monitored by the Director responsible for the contract. These visits can be random to ensure complacency doesn’t creep into the team.
  • To counter the potential of any complacency, the Director responsible for your contract will also want to visit site on a Monthly basis. On this visit they carry out their own audit and cross reference that with the manager’s audit to ensure an agreed perception of good cleaning. We believe this system ensures that the Contracts managers, through to the site cleaners, stay focused and therefore maintain good standards.

The Managing Director reviews all audits on a weekly basis.

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